Photo Care of Wahta Maple Water | Twitter

Canada is pretty well known for maple syrup.  Besides hoisting the maple leaf high on your national flag each day, it is near impossible to walk into any Canadian tourist shop and not find shelves upon shelves of the sweet stuff- and related products.  Unfortunately, guzzling down straight maple syrup is neither socially acceptable nor healthy for you.  The good news is, there is another maple product that’s not only delicious but also great for you.

Maple water has been gaining popularity in countries like Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, and Japan, but Canadians are still yet to catch on to the trend.  Well, maybe that’s not true.  Native Americans have been using maple water as a tonic for hydration forever.

Pure maple water is packed with health benefits.  There are over 46 bioactive nutrients, 25 phytonutrients, nine minerals, and eleven amino/organic acids, all packed into this tree juice.  The water has been known to prevent degenerative diseases as well as boost your immune and digestive systems.

The best part is maple water could help a struggling maple industry in Canada while being 100% organic and sustainable.  Hopefully, the market for maple water in Canada catches on soon.