The over-charging cellphone companies have been put in place once more by government law.  As of December 1, 2017, locked cellphones have officially been banned, making it easier for consumers to switch providers without the costly fee of having a phone unlocked.

The ban has been put into place after a series of hearings in February 2017, and the announcement was made by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission in June of last year.

All phones now sold in Canada may not be locked and cellphones previously purchased need to be unlocked with no fee to the customer.

Along with the ban, a crackdown on unreadable contracts and charges have been put into place.  The new rule requires wireless providers to simplify their wording into plain, simplified language that customers can understand.  The contract must clearly state all monthly charges and be given a permanent copy. There is also a stipulation regarding data consent, that if there are multiple accounts on one plan only the account holder may change how much data is purchased.  Additionally, providers must also include a tool for consumers to track their data usage and roaming costs easily.

The new laws are a step in the right direction as wireless providers have been taking advantage of consumers for too long.