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A Canadian company is making waves as they announced that they are developing a non-alcoholic beer brewed from cannabis.  Though the brew will have no alcohol content, they are hoping to replicate a similar response using marijuana.

Province Brands of Canada announced on March 22 that they are developing “the world’s first beer brewed exclusively from the cannabis plant, as well as other premium cannabis-powered, alcohol-free beers and spirits.”

“Using a patent-pending process and working with a commercial brewery in Ontario, Province Brands is currently developing a beer brewed from the cannabis plant that will have a dose-response similar to that of alcohol,” says the release.

Province Brands is joining forces with Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp. in the promotion of the unique beverage.

“Province Brands’ mission is to create a safer and healthier alternative to alcohol. We are thrilled to partner with the expert team at Cannabis Wheaton on this adventure, which aims to create tremendous value for our shareholders,” said CEO of Province Brands, Dooma Wendschuh.

Not only is the company hoping to create a beer that is alcohol-free they intend for it to be a much healthier alternative that is low in calories and sugar.

There are sure to be some Canadians lining up to try this new beer.