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Anyone who lives in a major city knows the pains of the traffic jam.  It seems like we spend hours a day in the car because of increasingly busy roads and highways.  Well, a new study confirms that Canadians have it pretty tough but, it could be worse.

Inrix, a traffic data company has conducted a global study on city congestion.  The great white north landed 15th overall worldwide, which is not bad considering many other countries issues but, it is still no fun.  Inrix estimates that Canadians on average spend about 27 hours in traffic per year.

The most extensive study of its kind ever conducted examined 1036 cities across 38 countries, which would land Canada somewhere in the middle.

The Canadians with the worst luck in traffic jams are in Montreal with an estimated 50 hours per year in the car.  Toronto was the next highest Canadian city with 47 hours per year.  Vancouver ranked around the national average with an estimated 29 hours per year.  And, Albertans don’t have it as bad as they say they do with 16 hours per year for Calgarians.

Thailand took the top spot in the world, and it is estimated that drivers spend 56 hours on average stuck in congestion.

For more information you can find the full breakdown, here.