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Last year Canada celebrated its 150th birthday in a big way, by making all national parks free to enter for the entire year.  But, at the same time as the government was planning to implement the free admission, they had also planned on making national parks free for children permanently.  They stuck to their word.  Yes, the government.

With the announcement of the 2018 federal budget this week, the government officially announced that all national parks and marine conservation areas would be made free for anybody under the age of 18.  So, while kids may not be able to vote or drink alcohol, they can still boast a free fare into Banff National Park.

As for adults, rates return to normal, with the national average ranging around $10 admission.  But, thankfully the prices for a family pass should be reduced down significantly.  While admission may be free for children that does not include any accommodations or excursion permits.

If you want to plan a trip to a Canada National Park this year check out the Parks Canada website for a full list of all the nations parks, historic sites, and conservation areas.