Photo Care of Churchill Wild

Polar bears are more than a symbol of conservation; they are also one of our nations most beloved animals.  However, despite our love for these endangered animals, most of us have never seen a polar bear in the wild.  Thankfully, a group in Manitoba is now giving you the chance to see these massive beasts in their natural habitat.

The Seal River Heritage Lodge is currently the only place in the country offering the general public the experience of walking amongst polar bears.  The unique resort is located outside of Churchill, Manitoba near the Seal River estuary on the Hudson Bay.  The area is known to be commonly visited by polar bears.

The Seal River Heritage Lodge offers guests authentic wilderness-style lodging, complete with a viewing tower where you can view the local wildlife.  For a closer look guests can sign up for a safari adventure along the Hudson Bay coastline.  Other than polar bears, and spectacular views, guests may also find other wildlife like caribou, wolves, bears, belugas, and arctic birds.

If you want to see some incredible wildlife, consider exploring Canada’s backyard.  For more information, you can visit the Churchill Wild website, here.