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Easter is this weekend and kids across the country are getting ready for the big egg hunt.  But, with the holiday fast approaching the BC SPCA is taking the opportunity to remind everyone that chocolate makes a much better gift than real live bunnies.

Every year the SPCA in BC receives dozens upon dozens of abandoned rabbits after the Easter holidays.  Having a new pet can be exciting, but the fun tends to wear off, and many families find that the animal care becomes too much.

A few dozen abandoned rabbits may not seem too bad.  However, Lorie Chortyk of the BC SPCA explains “the animals turned in to the SPCA shelters are the fortunate ones.” The pets that don’t find safety are “abandoned in the wild to fend for themselves” and can “fall prey to predators such as coyotes are susceptible to disease or end up starving to death.”

BC also faces many places with an overpopulated rabbit community.  Without enough predators in the area rabbits will flourish and multiply too fast for the surrounding ecosystem.

Chortyk reminds families that rabbits can live over twelve years and adopting one into your home is a serious commitment.