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Canada is full of natural wonders.  The great white north has everything from breathtaking waterfalls to endless forests, but one of the best things around are our many natural hot springs.

Hot springs are pretty rare being caused by water heated geothermally from the Earth’s crust.  We are fortunate in Canada to have over two dozen natural springs, and the majority of them are located in British Columbia.

While hot springs can have many health benefits, they are great for a day of relaxing, especially when you are surrounded by the natural beauty of the Rockies.  Here are five hot springs around BC that you simply need to visit:

Lussier Hot Springs

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You can find these natural springs in Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park near the Alberta-BC border.  These hidden springs are completely free, and all you need to do is take a short hike from the Whiteswan Forestry Road.

Keyhole Hot Springs

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 These unbelievable hot springs are like none other you can find in Canada.  Located in Squamish, they are also a free day of relaxing in natural minerals.  These multi-layered springs are the best place to spend a day relaxing with your friends.

Liard River Hot Springs

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Canada’s second largest natural hot springs are tucked away in the Boreal Spruce Forest and offers year-round relief for travellers heading through to Alaska.  You can even spend the night out here surrounded by one of the most diverse habitats in Canada.

Hot Springs Cove

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Located in Maquinna Marine Provincial Park on Vancouver Island, these coastal hot springs can get to a cozy 109 degrees Celsius all while enjoying a view of the ocean.  You can hike here through some beautiful forests or find a guide in Tofino, BC.

Fairmont Hot Springs

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 Canada’s largest and most popular hot springs are a must hit for any fan of the natural soaking.  These springs come at a bit of a cost at $12, but they offer plenty of other amenities you won’t find at other hot springs.