More often than not your Canadian Tire money makes it to a lost pile of receipts to be forgotten about forever.  Or, the coupons have made wonderful play money for generations of children.  But, it may be time to dig out some of those old bills, or steal them back from your kids, cause those loose pieces of paper might be worth way more than you think.

An article released by McLean’s last year reported that some of these bills are worth thousands of dollars.  A 1958 50-cent note can sell upwards of $1,500, and recently a $2 coupon from 1989 went up for auction with a $3,000 reserve price.  And many other unique notes have Canadian Tire money collectors out on the hunt.

Recently, one collector, Marc-André Lemire received a stack of the bills at a store in Montreal.  He instantly recognised a $2 note for having serial numbers that were millimetres further apart than on standard printing.  The coupon issued in 1992 is worth thousands of dollars on today’s collectors market.

“If I tell somebody that I collect Canadian Tire money they usually laugh and say something like, ‘Oh, so you want to buy a new barbecue?’” said Lemire in an interview. “They don’t know that these coupons can actually be worth something.”

Canadian Tire has been aiming towards cutting the paper process and giving coupons in ways of a mobile app but, there is a group of collectors still dedicated to hunting every piece of Sandy McTire’s face as they can.  So, next time the cashier hands you a stack of small-change coupons stay on the lookout for a jackpot piece of paper.