This winter has been brutal for many Canadians, and there are not many reasons to get excited.  But, there may be one adventure that could turn the bitter season around.  Beautiful Niagara Falls has been hit with the frost as well, and it has become an icy wonderland.  Tourists are flocking to see what winter has created.

Journey Behind the Falls is an attraction that runs year-round and is known for taking adventurers deep behind the national landmark.  Not many people realise that during the coldest months of the year the tours are still in operation, offering an entirely different view from the rest of the year.

While it would take some pretty nasty weather to freeze the falls completely, surface water has frosted over to create a memorable landscape.  Although the water is still flowing, enough of the water and surrounding area has frozen that it gives the appearance of being entirely ice.

Tours are available for all ages and operate 9 am to 8 pm on weekdays, and until 6 pm on weekends.  Tickets cost $14 for an adult pass while children under the age of five are free.  Check the website for more details at