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Canada is well known for being polite.  It is something that we are proud to be acknowledged for and take it as a compliment.  But, with Canada divided into so many provinces and territories, which of us are the most polite?

FreshBooks, a data analyst and accounting website thinks that they have the answer, and they used invoices to reach their decision.  Scanning 250,000 invoices from small businesses and self-employed people across the country, they broke down how many used the words “please” and “thank you.

According to the “Politeness Index” the most polite province is New Brunswick with 15 percent of invoices including their manners.  Neighbouring province PEI came in a close second, with chill British Columbia right behind.  The Yukon came in last place with only 4 percent of the files including a “please” or “thank you.”  FreshBooks noted that the colder an area seems to be the more manners seem to slip.

FreshBooks says that it pays off to use manners in an invoice, especially for smaller businesses.  On average a simple “please” or “thank you” could help you get paid two days quicker than those that don’t include the words.

Keep up those manners Canada, thank you.