Photo Care of Wizards Brunch

Good news for fans of Harry Potter- scratch that.  Good news for fans of food, if you watched the magical scenes from Harry Potter when the massive dining room is suddenly filled with delicious looking food and treats, and it left your mouth watering, then get ready for the Wizards Brunch.

The Wizards Brunch is a magical Harry Potter themed meal that will be popping up in Vancouver and Toronto later this year.  This is how the website describes the whimsical event:

“Experience a brunch like no other.  A unique experience that combines dining with immersive entertainment – learn spells, drink magic potions and eat foods set for a wizard all set in a magical hall in the heart of the city.”

Locations and official dates of the events have still yet to be announced.  Tickets are yet to go on-sale but, they are expected to go fast as a Sydney, Australia date is already sold-out.  Best you can do is sign-up for ticket information as it comes out by filling out your email on the website here:

You may receive your invitation by way of owl in the next couple months, or you will probably just get an email.