Photo Care of Tight Club

Be honest; you have broken one of your New Year’s resolutions already.  It’s okay; most people do by the first couple of weeks in February.  That is why one of the premiere fitness studios in Vancouver is starting a unique promotion to help people stay on track.

Tight Club is a lifestyle and fitness brand in Vancouver who help people stay physical.  As part of their initiative, they will be hiding 100 class passes around downtown Vancouver.  The catch is, they will be stashing them in junk food aisles disguised as your favourite treats.

Photo Care of Tight Club

Disguised as a bag of chips, can of pop, or candy bar, the free passes include a message that the indulgences are okay when mixed with a healthy lifestyle, and of course offers a free class session on Tight Club.

Tight Club President Keighty Gallagher said, “these are treats people love, but they also fill them with guilt.”  So, what better way to deal with that guilt than to burn off some of those extra calories.

The promotion is underway, so if you are on the lookout for a treat in Vancouver this week, you may get a bit of an extra surprise.