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Camping is easily one of Canada’s favourite pass times. However, when it comes to the winter months, we tend to want to stay indoors- unless of course, we’re making a coffee run.  But, this school in British Columbia is changing the camping game and teaching Canadians how to survive outside in the winter.

Canada West Mountain School is teaching campers the ways and skills of backpacking in the winter.  Included are basic survival techniques, avalanche skill training, and the chance to build your own igloo and spend the night inside.  They do recommend that you have some summer backpacking experience, as well as some know-how in snowshoeing or skiing.

The 2.5-day program includes a half day classroom course that goes over everything from hazard awareness to logistics planning.  The rest of the program contains all sorts of winter backcountry skills training.

“This is an excellent and fun introduction to Winter Snow Camping” reads the website, “where you will learn the skills needed for overnight winter camping, including basic survival techniques for winter travel and Avalanche skills training. This is also an excellent course to prepare for any larger mountaineering expedition that requires extensive winter camping.”



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