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Escape rooms have really been elevating their game.  The latest terror game out of Toronto will literally sweep you off your feet.

“Final Destination” is a new game from Toronto Escape room creators, Roundabout Canada.  They put you inside of an airplane and cut the engines, with the pilots and flight attendants gone it is up to you to figure out how to get safely on the ground before the plane crashes.

“The flight you boarded, to a mysterious destination, has just taken off,” reads a description on the website.  “A few minutes into the flight, you hear loud noises and realize that both engines are blown.”

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The unique escape room is rated at a beginner level, but only has a 35% success rate.  Fit for two to six players, they offer 45 minutes to find a parachute and escape the plane.

At $25.99 per person, it is a surprisingly cheaper escape room and reviews have been nothing but positive.  If you are in Toronto and looking for a crazy date you can find more information on the website here.