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As snowstorms swing across the country this week, it reminds us that there is nothing better than staying warm and watching some Netflix.  Thankfully, the significant streaming service has recently announced what the rest of the country has been watching over the last year.  Meaning, if you haven’t watched these shows than you have some catching up to do.

Along with the list, Netflix had this to say, “Canada clocks in with the highest percentage of 24-hour finishers (we blame the snow). Their binge of choice? None other than national treasure Trailer Park Boys.”

The list is part of Netflix announcing the world’s fastest ‘binge-racers,’ a term they coined for the speed watchers who will finish a series before anybody else.  According to Netflix, the most amount of ‘binge-racers’ come from Canada.  So, as soon as a show becomes available Canadians are rushing to finish the whole thing within the first day.

These are the shows that we fell in love with in 2017:

  1. Breaking Bad
    2. Orange is the New Black
    3. The Walking Dead
    4. House of Cards
    5. Stranger Things
    6. Trailer Park Boys
    7. Narcos
    8. Family Guy
    9. Suits
    10. How I Met Your Mother