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There has been a surge to create the most terrifying escape room possible, as the real-life adventure game become more and more popular.  From kidnappings to plane crashes, it seems like these companies will do anything to scare you.  Unfortunately for them, there is nothing in the world more terrifying than the politics happening in the United States right now.  So, one company has decided to roll with it by creating a new politically-themed escape room.

“Impeach the President: Escape from the Oval Office” is a new 60-minute adventure set to open at Oshawa Escape Rooms in March.  Involving four to eight players, each contestant will be playing the role of a secret agent.

“Here’s your chance to venture into the White House and expose the corrupt President,” reads the websites game description.  “As secret agents you’ll pose as a cleaning crew and sneak into the famous Oval Office where the tyrant conducts his questionable affairs to try and gather evidence that will hopefully lead to his impeachment.”

It’s time to get your team of agents together and take down the president, “the fate of America is in your hands.”

You can find more information on the Oshawa Escape Rooms website here.