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Singapore is just the latest country to implement a tax on foreign digital content.  The EU, Australia, and parts of the U.S. already have taxes on content providers like Netflix, Google, and Apple.  Now, the NDP expect Canada to follow suit.

NDP member Pierre Nantel thinks Canada is behind on the tax issue stating, “it’s such an obvious unfairness.  We are behaving as trailers, as non-leaders on this issue.”

The NDP have confronted the Liberals many times about having companies like Facebook and Google “pay their fair share.”

Prime Minister Trudeau made it known that the companies would not be hit with the extra tax, that it would be Canadians.

“It is not the web giants they want to pay more in taxes; it is taxpayers,” said Trudeau. “We made a commitment to taxpayers that they would not have to pay more for their online services. We on this side of the House plan to keep that promise.”

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister later pointed out that Trudeau has mentioned that a sales tax on digital services needed to be considered “long-term,” but there would be no new taxes for now.

The province of Quebec is looking to take things into their own hands saying they will implement a sales tax on foreign digital content even without federal approval.