Whether the zombie apocalypse is inevitable or not, there is something to be said about being ready for anything.  Doomsday prepping may be getting more popular with reclusive individuals in America; in Canada, one group is sharing their preparation skills and getting people ready for a zombie takeover.

Zombie Survival School is a very real thing, and they have been training, sharing, and providing programs for four years.  A resourceful team of zombie experts teach Canadians across the country in the art of surviving.

Those looking to get ready for the real-life Walking Dead can sign up for a weekend of training and exciting activities like archery, weapons training, foraging, tactics, and specialised “Zomjitsu” lessons.  The end of your weekend of experiences is topped off with a full-out zombie outbreak simulation.

If you have no interest in doing any of the training and would rather join the other side, Zombie Survival School is always on the look-out for volunteer zombies, and offer a free lunch- I can neither confirm nor deny if the free meal contains brains.

There are multiple events being offered this year including a PVC Bowmaking workshop in Toronto.  Check out the website for full details: https://www.zombiesurvivalcamp.ca