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Raccoons may be taking over the entire country, Canadians should beware of a raccoon uprising, and now Toronto’s infestation has gotten so out of hand that the city has become famous for them.

Animal and pest removal company, Pro-pest has donned Toronto the title of “raccoon capital of the world,” which is not one of the cities worse nicknames.  Once the raccoon population was manageable but, in recent memory, something changed that caused an influx of the pests.

Pro-pest explains, “In recent years these seemingly harmless animals began rapidly populating and have infiltrated Toronto urban life.”

The issue began in 2002 when the city began its “organic bins” program; which resulted with an ever-growing pest issue.  The scavengers who normally resided in wooded areas could not pass up on all the free meals we were laying out for them.  The big green bins were like an invitation for the furry creatures to stay in the city permanently.  Now it is estimated that over 100,000 raccoons call Toronto home.

This is also a good time to remind everyone that raccoons can be adorable creatures but, they are still wild animals.  Please take caution when dealing with raccoons.