If there ever was a dream job, this has to be it.  One company is offering the gig of a lifetime, and you can apply.  One lucky employee will spend their days on the beach, party every night, stay at luxury hotels, and have the time of their lives while making a sizable income.  And, you are already asking “how do I sign up?”

Tourism website cancun.com is looking for an exceptional individual to help promote the city.  A Cancun Experience Officer (CEO) would create and post social media content while adventuring around Cancun, Mexico.  That is all, enjoy yourself and share it with the world and anyone can apply.

The selected candidate will need to be pretty exceptional and have the required skills to create engaging online content.  The job also requires some extensive travel, and work with local charity organisations.  The company will cover all travel and hotel costs and include video and photo equipment in the deal, as well as the $10,000/month contract over six months.

The top 5 candidates will be flown down for an exclusive interview event this month, and the CEO is expected to be announced on January 31, 2018.  Visit Cancun.com for details.