Not many of us think about camping during these frozen winter months but, what if you had a cozy warm cottage that you could hide in.  Suddenly, camping sounds like the exact thing I want to do.  Although there was a time when owning a cabin was popular, these days not many people can afford to buy and maintain one.  Thankfully, this Quebec lodging company has you covered with a luxury mini cottage in the beautiful forest landscape of Charlevoix.

If you enjoy peace, tranquillity, and solitude than these small homes are for you.  Repére Boréal offers you the chance to rent one of these adorable cabins and enjoy the most relaxing vacation of your life.  Spend the night cuddled up with a good book and watch the night sky pass overhead through the glass ceiling.

The facility offers more than these cozy houses; there is also a four-season spa, sauna, and outdoor shower.  There is a multi-purpose room on site that provides movie nights as well as yoga.  Honestly, why would you ever come back?

If you have dreams of visiting this mini cottage paradise, you can visit the Repére Boréal website for more information here: