If there is one reason to get excited about winter it is tobogganing, and one Ontario town is dedicating one of their main streets to the icy activity.  If there is anywhere to go sledding this year it has to be Bracebridge, Ontario.

On January 27, for the second consecutive year, Bracebridge is holding their Fire and Ice Festival in honour of winter.  The festival offers many fun activities but, what has everybody talking is the gigantic tubing hill that takes up the towns downtown core.  50 truckloads of packing snow are hauled in, and tracks are built down main street.  Locals and tourists are invited to bring their snow tube and experience the one-of-a-kind ride for themselves.

The annual festival features many other great winter activities including ice skating, winter magic shows, a road hockey tournament, a marshmallow roast, and a pancake breakfast.  One of the other highlights of the event is an ice sculpting show held at different locations throughout the town.

For those interested to partake in any of the events, you will need to purchase a souvenir button that will grant you access to all of the activities.  Adult buttons will cost $5, and $3 per child.  For more information, you can visit the official Fire and Ice Festival website at http://www.fireandicebracebridge.com/activities.html