Fast food chain McDonald’s has been forced to pull down and apologized over a radio ad that upset museum visitors and supporters across Canada. In the 15 second advert, McDonalds compares the value of spending $5 at a museum with spending the same amount (plus tax) at selected McDonald’s restaurants.

“You could get the museum tour for $5,” a male voice narrates. A lady who plays the role of the museum tour guide responds, “There were dinosaurs, and then there weren’t.  Ok, then, exit through the gift shop,” she concludes.

On a Facebook post, the Greater Vernon Museum and Archives wrote, “I’m not sure, the museum may teach you something that lasts for a lifetime while lunch at McDonald’s gives you something to regret for the rest of your life.

The ad piece drew criticism from museum supporters including Tracy Calogheros, CEO, and Exploration Pace.

Through Adam Grachnik, the restaurant chain’s external communications manager, McDonald’s sought to clarify the company’s position on the issue.

“It was meant as a humorous way of promoting the new $5 McPick Meal Deal, and in no way meant to offend,” Grachnik wrote in an email emphasizing the company’s trust, respect, and commitment to maintaining and preserving the Canadian culture.