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One of the world’s largest buyers of alcoholic beverages is making distribution that much easier for consumers, with a new delivery system that is much improved from their last one.

In 2016, LCBO tried to get into the online sales game but, failed to impress.  At a $12 delivery cost, the earliest you could receive your delivery was two to four business days- in that time you have probably already been to the liquor store twice.  Well, now LCBO is starting a new program that promises next day delivery.

Get ready to party! … Tomorrow.

For an additional $4 from standard shipping, you can order overnight delivery, as long as your order is in by 1 pm.  It offers a full selection of the 5000-plus collection of beers, wines, and spirits found in the online store.

LCBO will still offer its standard shipping at the regular price but, the chance to do some last-minute shopping before the weekend or big event is sure to help some people out.

For more information and to find out how to place your order, you can visit the LCBO website here: