The latest cold snap that has swept across Canada has everyone thinking about warm thoughts.  What better way is there to stay warm than in a hot tub?  How about if you could sit back and enjoy a movie while drinking a beer?  Well, your dreams may have been answered as a special event will be coming to Canada later this year.

The Hot Tub Cinema Club is precisely what it sounds like.  Multiple hot tubs are installed in an outdoor location as well as a big screen and bar, for you and your friends to sit back and enjoy.  Last year the pop-up event opened up in Australia and New Zealand, and this year they are expanding to include cities in Europe and North America.

The cinema/pop up bar has announced four Canadian stops Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, though the location of each event is yet to be determined.

Tickets are expected to be set at $20 per person, which is a great deal considering.  Only a certain number of tickets will be available in each city so; you will want to act fast.  The best way to be first in line is to sign up for information when pre-release tickets are released on the Hot Tub Cinema Club website: