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Four-years in the making and yesterday the first Amazon Go store officially opened to the public.  There is not much separating the new grocery store from other stores besides the way that you pay.  There are no check-outs.  None, no line-ups, no counters, you simply pick what you want and leave.

Amazon Go is a high-tech take on the shopping experience.  To gain entry, you must have an Amazon Go app on your phone.  As you walk around and select items, a series of cameras and sensors can decipher what you have taken and put back.  Once you are done, and you leave through the gates, the app will automatically charge you for whatever you have left with.

The no-fuss style grocery store has been opened for Amazon employees in Seattle for over a year.  There were many challenges to overcome like misplacement of returned items, and the computer had a difficult time distinguishing shoppers with similar body types.  But, most the kinks have been worked out, and the groundwork has been laid for a new way to shop.

The Seattle location is the first of its kind, and while there are plans to develop as many as 20 new stores in the near future, Amazon has yet to announce any locations.