The title of this article alone is enough to make you question exactly where we went wrong, and which parallel universe we are living in.  But, here we are and Health Canada has indeed found it necessary to issue an official warning that eating laundry pods is a health risk.  What should be common knowledge, not to poison yourself, has become such a serious concern that the government feels that they need to step-in.

How did we get here?

It all started as another harmless internet joke, laundry pods, more specifically, Tide brand laundry pods, look delicious.  In all fairness, they do look tempting to those with a sweet tooth.  The gag has spawned many memes, and even significant humour sites like The Onion have made their jokes.  With today’s social media and its users craving for likes and follows, it was inevitable that some teenager somewhere would take the stomach pump in exchange for the shock value.

Before someone seriously injures themselves, Health Canada wants to make sure that people at least understand that laundry detergent is not fit for human consumption.  In fact, Health Canada has provided a whole web page ( dedicated to the harmful effects of chewing on a laundry pod.  Unsurprisingly, the side effects include vomiting, choking, stomach pain, and rashes.  The page focuses on children, probably so they don’t make people feel too stupid.

If you do happen to consume a laundry pod call 911 or poison control.  And, smarten up, everyone knows dish detergent would taste way better.