Gone are the days of making snowmen as one resident in Montreal just raised the bar.  This photo of a stunned police officer staring at a ‘snow-car’ has been going viral on Reddit.  The joke is even better than it looks on first inspection.

The picture comes from Montreal where the snow has been piling up in the last few weeks.  The city has a law that vehicles need to be parked on certain sides of the road during snow removal.  One resident took the massive piles of snow to confuse road workers and police alike.

What is more impressive than getting a police officer to pull over to write a ticket for a non-existent car is the amount of detail the artist put into his sculpture.  Not only does the snow-car have wheels and a bumper carved out but, they also took the time to make indentations for the car windows and installed what looks like a real windshield wiper.  The whole thing looks like a Delorian, made famous by the 1985 film, Back to the Future.

The sculpture looks so real that many people have been confused by the image, thinking that it was a real car that is covered in ice.  Nobody was more fooled than the police who had to call in back-up.

The real question is, did they end up removing it, or are they waiting for a few months when it will melt?