Photo Care of Derek Parker/Facebook

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.  Or, in one man’s case, when life gives you snow, you build yourself a castle out of ice.

This brutal winter has paid off for at least one of us, as a Canadian man uses the extreme cold to create an icy getaway.  Brossard, Quebec native, Derek Parker decided to make the best of the unusually frosty winter by building the ultimate hangout in his backyard completely out of ice.

The igloo style room is fitted with a bar, fire pit, and benches.  Parker also decided to add some finishing touches hanging some of his hockey memorabilia.  According to a Facebook post by Parker, he has been working on the project since December 14th and completed it just recently.  His family are excited to share the project with others but, Parker is quick to mention that his children had nothing to do with it when he started.

Warmer weather and rain have threatened some damage to the ice-bar but, a tarp seems to have protected it, at least for now.  Until spring comes to bring his creation down Parker has one of the best places in Canada to chill.