Canadian beer-lovers are in for some bad news come spring when a new tax hike on beer prices is set to take effect.  The tax increase will impact both domestic and imported beer.

Come April 2018; there will be an additional 2% taxes on all beer sales, in addition, there will be an annual raise to meet inflation rates.  Beer taxes are already one of the highest in the world with 47% headed to the Canadian government already.  The last time there was a rise in beer taxation was over 30 years ago.

In an attempt to get the federal government to overturn the increase before it takes effect Beer Canada has launched a petition called “Axe the Beer Tax”.  So far there has not been much of an outcry from consumers which could be attributed to the fact that many Canadians do not know the tax increase is coming.  Beer Canada is pleading with Canadians to make a call to their local MP and speak out against the taxation.

There does not seem to be any movement from the federal government on the matter as a spokesperson mentioned the significant time since the last beer tax increase and continuing to say that the 2% hike only equals about a nickel for every case of beer.

For those that wish to join the fight against the beer taxation, you can find the petition here: