Living in a remote town tucked deep in the Swiss Alps on a beautiful landscape sounds like a dream for many of us.  One village in Switzerland is hoping to make that dream a reality for a select few families, and they will even offer to pay a significant amount of money to make it happen.

The Swiss village of Albinen has been plagued with a reducing population as residents have been moving from the isolated town to bigger cities.  Mostly, young families have been moving away which has hurt the economy significantly and caused a local school to close.

The town will be voting on a new initiative that would entice people to move to their small town by offering a cash incentive.  They will pay 25,000 francs (CAN$32,000) for young people to move in, and if you have children, they will provide an additional CAN$13,000 each.

There are some stipulations to the offer.  Those looking to make the move must be younger than 45, and commit to living in Albinen for a minimum of ten years.  You must also invest a minimum of 200,000 francs (CAN$258,000) into building or buying a home.  Recently, the town added another stipulation after receiving a mass amount of interested bidders.  The new residents must have a class C citizenship in Switzerland to be considered for the cash incentive, which I am sure just broke many of your hearts.  With a limited budget for the initiative, Albinen is hoping that it will bring in five to ten new families.